Why Choose VandY?

Every portfolio that we handle for our clients, we collaboratively develop and share the values, mission and goals of our clients’ business to achieve desired results. In this sense, we think of our client relationships more as partnerships for achievement of common goals. The journeys that we undertake together, as partners to actualize our set goals, become mutually beneficial in learning, leadership, teamwork and camaraderie. Not only do we learn and better ourselves each time but also accomplish our mission, and get closer to our vision. We offer you:


We are a ‘No Compromise’ company – we don’t compromise on ethics, professionalism, integrity and most importantly our work. When this happens, what you get is ‘unmatched service’ as promised.


Though one can never empirically measure value of a service, we promise that you will receive an ROI that will keep you as happy as a lark. This comes from immense experience in the field, long term relationships with our clients and employees, and our constant effort to improvise ourselves.


We are firm believers of the principal that ‘client is the king’. We are, because you are, and we know that requirements and strategies for each project are unique. Hence, we customize our services as per your requirement. We don’t go by the books - we learn from the books, we improvise on them and write our very own for you.


Efficiency is measured by speed and accuracy, and lack of either affects targeted growth and desired results. The emphasis that we lay on ‘process-orientation’ in our methodology ensures that we deliver accurate results within the right kind of timeframe. It is an art that we have mastered where we don’t sacrifice one for the other.

Established Business

We have been successfully operating since 1997 and have survived the best and the worst of the economy. Since then, we have also grown to become leaders in the services oriented BPO sector. Leveraging our established nature, you can hit the ground running.