Skip Tracing

Skip tracing involves locating a person’s whereabouts for purposes such as debt collection. It has often been seen that people who owe large loans just disappear to save themselves from paying the amount. This is a serious problem for organizations which has resulted in many debts being unpaid. The problem calls for professional help as the process of skip tracing is not easy. It involves not only research but it needs employment of various methods of social engineering. Outsourcing is the easiest way for handling skip tracing if you do not want to lose all focus off your new customers.

Skip Tracing: As We Do It

We have been handling bad debts for more than 15 years and have acquired abilities that help us deliver high level of success in our skip tracing operations. In our skip tracing process, we use the skips ‘ past information like residence address, utility bills, information from work place, ex-neighbors, friends or any other information that we could to trace the skip. We often employ these methods by creating disguised situations to get the most accurate information possible. Our efforts are focused on getting the skip and in most cases; we succeed in our skip tracing process

Why Outsource Skip Tracing To Us?

  • To obtain cost effectiveness
  • To recover debts which you have already categorized as ‘bad debts’
  • To reduce the time associated with skip tracing
  • To maintain focus on your core activities while we complete this important function.