VandY provides an array of services tailored to the needs of our clients to help them manage their customers in a better way. With an experience of over 15 years, VandY offers client solutions that are designed keeping in mind the changing industry dynamics.

With services ranging from customer profiling, tele-marketing to insurance claim investigations and IT Solutions, VandY provides a complete package of services for our clients to study their customers. If there is something that distinguishes us from others, it is the quality of our services.

Customer Profiling

For collecting relevant and available customer details such as age, income, gender, education, housing, lifestyle behaviour, purchase preferences, travel preferences, buying patterns and so on and so forth.

Why Outsource Customer Profiling to VandY?

  • Gathering accurate customer profiles.
  • Including major demographic attributes of your customers give solid foundation to your business.
  • Gives cost effectiveness.
  • Helps in knowing the needs of your customers.

Tele Collections

To recover from marginal, aberrant or delinquent accounts before they become unproductive.

Why Outsource Tele Collections to VandY?

  • To accelerate the rate of recovery.
  • To identify regular debtors.

Field Collections

To ensure that the consumers who fall into arrears on the generation of their bills and debts are brought up to date with their payments by collecting / picking-up their due payments.

Why Outsource Field Collections to VandY?

  • To contain overhead costs by avoiding the need to maintain an in-house collection team.
  • To increase cash flow, thereby, increasing productivity.

Customer Retention

For retention of old existing customers.

Why Outsource Customer Retention to VandY?

  • To win back the old customers.
  • To generate orders and leads.
  • To boost revenues.

Insurance Claims Investigation

For identifying fraudulent insurance claims. For quick settlement of legitimate claims to improvise customer relationship.

Why Outsource Insurance Claims Investigation to VandY?

  • To identify fraudulent insurance claims with a high degree of accuracy-even with large claim volumes .
  • For quick approval of legitimate insurance claims to improve customer service.

Field Sales

For maximizing customer base and tapping the yet untouched potential customers, we conduct quality field sales for our clients.

Why Outsource Field Sales to VandY?

  • To produce quality Sales.
  • To have an edge over new competitors by using our experience and expertise.

Tele Marketing and Sales

To maximize penetration and to gain customer base, we do tele marketing and sales of various products for our clients .

Why Outsource Tele Marketing and Sales to VandY?

  • To discover new business prospects by extracting information from people and business.
  • For better understanding of the Customer base.