Server Monitoring

One uses multiple platforms to run various applications in order to run a business. All the applications and all the technologies require a server to run on. It is not easy to monitor such complex server. One needs a server infrastructure suitable to the device type. If the server is left unmonitored then it might cause problems and complications.

Server Monitoring: As we do it

At VandY the server monitoring services include the following:

  • Software and hardware health monitoring
  • Performance metrics
  • Consumption of CPU units
  • Disk Space
  • Consumption of memory
  • Fan and temperature check
  • CPU and memory processes monitoring
  • SMTP and HTTP monitoring
  • Detection of failed log-in, account lockouts and bad passwords
  • System log monitoring

Other than the above, VandY identifies all the services that are on the trot and sends across a report of all those services. We also provide unique monitoring for made to order services running on the server ports. A separate report of custom services will also be sent across to you.

Why outsource server monitoring to us?
We will provide you with the benefits of the services mentioned below. In addition to these services, you will be alerted in no time if there is a serious problem in your server.

  • Access to remote servers
  • Private dashboard
  • Analysis of performance trends
  • Access to multiple servers on one interface
  • Cancelling of troublesome processes
  • Restarting a failed service
  • Event log monitoring
  • URL monitoring
  • Website monitoring