Server Management

In today’s age of technology, no organization can function without a server. A server is extremely crucial to run business efficiently. Hence, it is necessary to maintain the servers and keep them in good condition.

Server Management: As we do it

Our server management services include the following –

  • Keeping an eye on remote servers
  • Reporting server performance regularly
  • Managing a large network of servers

VandY offers server management for

  • Small size business
  • Mid-size business
  • Enterprises
  • Start ups
  • Established businesses

VandY offers server management for

VandY combines virtual and physical server management in order to provide you with the most efficient facilities. We optimise your server so that you can run numerous applications without using a lot of hardware. Thus, we’ll make sure you yield maximum utilization of your servers. This will indirectly cause you to save a lot of business capital which can be put to use in other business ventures.

Server management may not be easy. However, we’ll make it look like a piece of cake to you. VandY will always have a strategy in place which is easy to understand. You will yourself notice an increase in the business post you outsource server management to VandY.

At VandY, you will also avail of the following benefits -

  • Continuity planning
  • Patch management
  • Patching multiple systems
  • Patching virtual systems
  • Standard process
  • Consistency of server
  • Configuration parameters that can be applied to database servers