Security Information Management

It is very important to safeguard information of a company. These days there are always threats on the assets of the company. Hence, security is become a primary need for all the companies. All organizations make sure and implement the highest level of security. Anyway, the organizations are required to implement Security Information Management (SIM) as per federal and industry rules and regulations. The rules also force these organisations to verify the efficacy of the system.

Security Information Management: As we do it

VandY will combine your security into the security information management to provide an impervious solution to your organisation. We will combine all the security and all the networks into a central monitoring system. Thence, managing and analysing secure pieces of data will turn into a doddle.

VandY will carry the following functions before executing a plan for securing and managing the information of an organization.

  • Assimilation of data
  • Comparison of data
  • Evaluation of data

On the basis of the assimilation, comparison and evaluation a suitable plan shall be implemented upon your organization. We will also provide you with regular reports and trend analysis.

Why outsource Security Information Management to us?

  • Associated technology solutions
  • Threat identification
  • Threat Defence
  • Complete network coverage
  • Prevention of loss
  • 24*7 monitoring
  • Detection and identification of security threats
  • Risk assessment
  • Regular reporting
  • Secure environment for all vendors
  • Industry specific solutions
  • Log collection
  • Quick action in case of security incidents