Network Management

The procedure, direction, preservation and conditioning of a system of networks is known as network management. The procedures are carried out to make sure that the network runs smoothly. It is important to keep a tab on the working of the network so that it is always under control. Other than that, it is necessary to repair and upgrade the network time and again. Along with repair and upgrade, it is also essential to configure the network as and when required.

The configuration is applicable to both hardware as well as software involved in the network. The three main areas that are covered whilst managing a network are safety, routine and dependability of the network.

Network Management: As we do it

VandY indulges in the following network management solutions –

  • Automation of network
  • Centralised network management
  • One point contact
  • Creation of specific applications
  • Network Customisation

Our services extend to –

  • Corporates
  • Consultancies
  • Universities
  • Educational institutes

Why outsource network management to us?
When outsourcing your network management services to Vandy, you avail of the following:

  • Cost reduction
  • Unified and efficient network management
  • Unique platform for network management
  • High FCAPS capability
  • Managing network for multiple domains
  • Improved API
  • Quick delivery of new services

Our network management is not limited to data services. It broadens to voice services as well. Our voice services solutions are unique to each of our clients.