IT Monitoring Services

It is impossible to work these days without an IT infrastructure. A small problem in the infrastructure can cause great loss. Hence, it is important to monitor your infrastructure to avoid last minute problems. However, it isn’t possible to manage IT infrastructure alongside your workload. With VandY you don’t have to worry.

We will monitor your infrastructure for potential problems. You don’t have to worry about repairs either. VandY will do the needful for you. We will also plan your IT upgrades in accordance with your budget. Not only that we will also detect any security breaches for you and report them accordingly. Lastly, we’ll reduce your downtime considerably. This way you can save a whole lot of capital.

IT Monitoring Services: As we do it

Our IT monitoring services cater to

  • Small Business
  • Open Source critiques
  • Established and well-known firms
  • Start up Companies
  • Enterprises

Our monitoring services spread across unlimited strictures. Thus, we can keep labels on –

  • Multiple data centres
  • Numerous platforms
  • More than one branch office

We will provide you with regular reports about the functioning of your infrastructure so that you are abreast with the developments. We will also fine tune your software regularly.

Why outsource IT Monitoring Services to us?
Vandy knows that the needs of each customer are different. We customize our monitoring services in harmony with your IT support capabilities. We cover the following areas -

  • IT Server
  • Data Storage
  • Hardware Applications
  • Processes
  • Services
  • Back-ups
  • Operating System Updates
  • Event Logs
  • Mail Status