Doctor Seeding

While providing an insurance policy, it is important to make sure that the patient is not lying. Furthermore, it is also important that the doctors issuing medical certificates are doing their job honestly. Hence, insurance agencies are realizing the importance of doctor seeding. They seed investigative agents in the form of patients, on doctors, in order to verify their protocols.

However, the dilemma here is where do insurance agencies find such agents? Thus, they outsource doctor seeding services to specialised agencies that do the job for them.

Doctor Seeding: As we do it

An agent in the form of a patient will be sent to the concerned doctor on your behalf. The patient will not indulge in any rude behaviour or act untowardly with the doctor. He will just check if all the health claims provided in the insurance policy form by the applicant, are verified properly by the doctor or not.

Why outsource doctor seeding to us?
Since, we're a 3rd party in the dealing, it will be easier for the doctor as well as for you to deal with things in complete honesty.