Deployment Services

There have been talks about crowding of IP addresses for quite some time now. However, an ideal solution hasn’t yet been discovered for this problem. One of the ways of managing the numerous IP addresses at your organisation is by implementing deployment services. Deployment is management software for the IP devices in your organisation. It helps in centralizing the process of administration. It works on all kinds of IP gateways and platforms. Deployment management can be done on –

  • IP phones
  • IP Gateways
  • Hipaths
  • Open space platforms

Deployment Services: As we do it

VandY will assign you with a project manager for all your services. We will make sure you have a complete solution to your deployment services. You shall be able to avail of the following -

  • Deployment in infrastructure
  • Project management
  • Website preparation
  • Performance
  • Removal of old infrastructure if necessary
  • Better reach towards consumers
  • Quick installation of software as well as equipments
  • Faster ROI

Why outsource deployment services to us?
All the deployment services will be provided in accordance with the latest technology. VandY will design a server application for you if necessary. Our deployment services include -

  • End to end solutions
  • Qualified and experienced engineers
  • The right person for the right job
  • Installations within the budget
  • Compatibility with your server and your browser
  • Customized and flexible solutions for each business

If you wish to continue with your old hardware and only require us to do installation and hardware, we’re more than glad to do so.