Application Monitoring

Generally, to monitor an application means to analyse the technical performance of an application. However, application monitoring is much more than just that. It requires numerous tools and implementation of various methods. One also ought to know how to filter data and present the correct data to their clients.

Application Monitoring: As we do it

All kinds of applications including CRM, banking, finance and anything else are monitored by us. VandY focuses on two basic things when monitoring an application.

  • Detecting a problem in time
  • Responding to it as quickly as possible

Our aim is to increase the revenue of the clients through monitoring the application well. Vandy understands the client's requirements for application monitoring. Hence, we keep a stringent tab on the utilization of CPU and memory. We understand the crucial parts of an application server. Hence, our monitoring metrics are well-filtered in accordance to the problems. It is obvious that the problem is solved much quickly due to filtering of metrics.

VandY will also provide with reports and statistics on page hits, frequency and the general performance of the application. Our reports are compiled using raw data gained directly from the application. Our reports will also tell you the number of users that pass through the application each day. We will also put forth the time of highest frequency in our reports. This will immensely help you in improving your application.

Why outsource application monitoring to us?

  • Problem solving approach
  • Continuous collection of data
  • Implementation of numerous monitoring tools
  • Up to date reporting