Advisor Transfer Check

A transfer advisor plays a very crucial role in the insurance industry. He stands guard between the insurance agency and the customer. These transfer agents ought to be registered. Also, the registered transfer advisor has to follow a certain set of rules and regulations. A transfer agent will make sure all the securities and funds are preserved. The transfer agent will play in important role in issuing certificate and keeping records. However, these transfer advisories are susceptible to regular checks.

Advisor transfer check: As we do it

VandY will first take a look at the records and see if the transfer advisor is registered. Then Vandy will further move on to check if the advisor possesses the necessary credentials. Also, a transfer agent is required to report annually to his or her authoritative body. VandY also keeps a tab on that by contacting the authoritative body.

We shall also check if the transfer advisory is no longer connected with any independent organisation for it is an illegal activity. The transfer advisory ought to have an NOC from the existing company.

Why outsource advisor transfer check to us?
In short, VandY will take all the stringent measures and see to it that the advisor transfer is legal, valid and exact. We will take the following steps to ensure the advisor transfer is genuine:

  • We will conduct a thorough background search
  • We will see to it that the advisor hasn’t indulged or has been indulging into any prohibitive acts