Address Verification

Address Verification is a process used to verify the addresses of your customers. The address verification service is utilized by insurance organization, banks, telecom service providers and similar businesses. Address verification in the present time has become a very important process due to the increasing number of frauds. Many people declare a false address and later cause great losses to the company. Getting address verification of all your old and new customers done is advised in such cases. But employing full time agents just for the purpose of address verification may seem to be a futile exercise and will result in escalating costs, with the added risk of unsatisfactory results. To avoid this situation, outsourcing the function is the best choice.

Address Verification: As We Do It

Our address verification process follows a pre-defined checklist which results in a confident report at the end of the process. Our address verification agents personally visit the specified address and verify it through multiple sources. After our address verification process ends, we provide you with a detailed report about the validity of the specified address.

Why Outsource Address Verification To Us?

  • To obtain cost efficiency by reducing costs associated with this function
  • To avoid fraud customers
  • To get address verification done before hand without bothering your loyal customers
  • To rule out all the customers that may bring losses to your business in the future