Account Management and Development

Your customers are valuable, and it is as important to retain them, as it is to acquire them. And customer retention is far difficult than getting new ones. The need for a sales team is to think strategically when implementing any solutions. To think strategically, the sales team must know business trends, know every detail about client accounts and should ensure a constant customer contact to identify their needs. While these functions can be done by an in-house sales team, it takes the focus off your primary activities and also increases costs. As a solution to this, VandY has included account development in its bouquet of services.

Account Management: As We Do It

We have a dedicated team which takes care of your account development requirements. In our account development process, we contact your clients often to keep them engaged, but ensure that it is not overdone. We help you turn your customers into customers that stay with you for a long time. Our account development would also help your existing sales team in their endeavors by giving them information on the latest market trends and customer interests.

Why Outsource Account Management To Us?

  • To obtain cost effectiveness
  • To develop better relationship with your clients
  • To complement your sales team with our excellent services thus using your existing team to its full potential
  • To identify the need of your customers before they think of moving to your competition
  • To stay a step ahead of your competition